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  1. Patient Loans & Funding

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Patient Loans & Funding For All Medical Expenses

Loans For All Medical Treatments, Procedures & Products

TCR provides financing for virtually all types of necessary, elective and cosmetic procedures & treatments. Ongoing treatments are also covered. Loan programs can cover everything from diagnostic assessments and simple procedures to entire surgeries. Loans are available for virtually all cosmetic and elective surgeries, treatments and procedures as well as any needed medical supplies, devices and prescriptions.

Insured & Underinsured Patients-
Deductibles, Copays & Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

For insured patients TCR can provide funding for any portion of your bills that are not covered by their regular insurance plans- that includes copayments or deductibles and even medical supplies, devices and prescriptions.

Medcial Loans For All Types Of Medical Procedures-
• Chiropractic Care
• Cosmetic Surgery
• Dental / Orthodontics
• Dermatology
• Lasik / Ophthalmology
• Optometry
• Deductibles & Copays
• Emergency Care
• Other Medical Procedures
• Veterinary Care