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Point-Of-Sale Payment Systems

Point-Of-Sale Credit & Debit Card & Health Savings Account (Flex) Card Processing Systems & Devices

Rates As Low As 1.5% with Low Monthly Service Charges

TCR allows medical practices and healthcare organizations to accept credit card, debit card and gift card payments on-site.

With TCR merchant accounts, you can integrate a physical terminal or a payment gateway obtained either from us or a competitor. In virtually every case, we can provide both better rates and better service than you are currently receiving.

Versatile & Secure Payment Gateway

Compatible with merchant accounts obtained virtually anywhere, TheMedicalBill.com Gateway can be integrated into nearly any shopping cart software or used as a stand-alone virtual terminal.

We can provide any type of credit card terminal (traditional, wireless, swipe-to-internet, virtual terminal, etc.) as well as related supplies.

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