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Early-Out Small Value Insurance & Patient Recovery Services

Effective Recovery Strategies For Outstanding Low-Value Balances

Low-dollar insurance balances often go untouched. But when the volume is high, these balances can make a significant difference in your bottom line.

TCR has developed a cost-effective approach to small-dollar insurance accounts that frees up your business office to focus on more complex, higher cash value receivables. The result makes your daily inventory more manageable and meaningful while delivering measurable financial improvements.

Proven Recovery Strategies
We typically work balances with thresholds up to $2,000 without a clinical denial code. Our team uses a combination of live representative calling strategies and letter campaigns to recover outstanding balances in a cost-effective way that results in high rates of recovery returns.

Documented Performance
We work closely with your office to provide detailed performance reporting. Notable A/R balance reductions are yielded from our early-out approach.

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