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    Nationwide Healthcare Provider Financial Services
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    Financial Services
    For Healthcare Providers
    Extended Business Office • Early Out Pre-Collections
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    Billing & Mailing Services
    Patient & Insurance Billing Services

Comprehensive Financial Services
& Support For Healthcare Providers

TCR Provides a range of business services to help
maximize revenue flows and minimize losses. From
early-out pre-collections and extended business office services, our primary mission is to help healthcare providers focus on the business of providing patient care.

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TCR - Total Credit Recovery

Extended Business Office Services

As an extension of your organization’s business office, we excel in patient and insurance billing and follow-up, verification, customer service, self-pay, balance after insurance, and payment monitoring for payment plans. A full-service provider, we review your processes, identify trends, and provide highly effective solutions.

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Early-Out, Self-Pay Pre-Collection Services

These early pre-delinquency accounts are handled in a manner which preserves your relationship with your patients while ensuring that your outstanding bills are collected before formal collection activity is pursued.

  • Identify any missing or incomplete coverages.
  • Provide a financial analysis of the patient’s ability to pay.
  • Assess the patient’s situation for potential hospital-based financial assistance.
  • Offer repayment solutions for quick account resolution.
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Nationwide, Third Party
Debt Collection Agency Services

TCR's affiliate Aargon Agency, Inc. is a national debt collection agency headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with four offices and high-capacity, networked Call Centers in Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado & Florida.

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Call Center Representative

TCPA Compliant Call Center Technology


With our proprietary ApexVox - LRD call system, all telephone campaigns are
executed and managed in-house by TCR and all outbound calls are initiated
and transfered between highly trained TCR call center representatives.
The ApexVox platform is entirely seperate and independent of
auto-dialing systems, ensuring complete regulatory compliance.

This human intiated telephone dialing system allows for full legal compliance with all Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requirements and guidelines, as well as maintaining compliance in accordance with the latest court rulings and precendents affecting the application of the TCPA.